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Serve Teams

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We belong together as a family. We’re not called to isolate or hide in the back or drift from one community to another. Instead, we dive into togetherness, relationships, camaraderie, and personal connections so that the world will take notice of how and why we love each other. We believe this can happen through serving together on a Sunday.

God has gifted all of us with unique skill sets and capabilities and we believe He asks us to use those to further His Kingdom. This is not something that is reserved for church staff or leaders, but every believer at RHMV is seen as a minister. And in order for things like weekend services to happen, it means each person is using their unique gifts by playing a part on a RHMV serve team.

Here is a list of RHMV Serve Teams you can jump in on:


This is a team of people who are committed to investing in the lives of parents and children during weekend celebration services. They warmly welcome families and help get children checked into their appropriate classroom. From there they participate in a vibrant service where kids hear God’s word, worship and respond to the Holy Spirit. Unloading bins to set up the room begins at 7:15am for those serving at the 8:30am service and packing bins is done by 12:30pm for those serving at the 10:30am service. You serve once every 6 weeks. Click here if you’re interested in serving on the Families team.

RH Youth (Middle School/High School) Ministry

Middle School Ministry at RHMV is an incredible opportunity to serve Jesus while having a blast with middle school students. These students love Jesus and are being formed in what it means to follow Him, and we are looking for more men and women to join our team in serving these students. We currently meet on Sunday mornings during the 10:30am service and also on Thursday nights. We particularly need volunteers who are available to serve during the mid-week service! Click here if you’re interested in serving on the Middle School and/or High School team or email Kate to learn more!

Setup & Teardown

We have an amazing team of individuals dedicated to transforming Los Alisos Intermediate into a house of worship every single Sunday. Set-Up typically runs from 6am – 7:30am and Tear-Down runs from 12:15pm – 1:30pm. We pray, we sweat, and we always have fun. Join us! Email Josh with questions.


These teams help people feel welcomed and informed at RHMV. They are responsible for running all the patio tables during our weekend services and helping people understand everything going on at RHMV. This team joins in events and invites others to be a part of our community. They arrive to set-up at 7:45 for the 8:30am service and stay and tear down until 12:30 after the 10:30am service. Email Joanna to learn more!


The usher team is an energetic group who serves people during RHMV’s Weekend Celebration Services. They help people find people seats, facilitate worship through corporate giving, keeping our services equipped and organized. They arrive to set-up at 7:45am for the 8:30am service and stay and tear down until 12:45 after the 10:30am service. Email Joanna to learn more!


The Production Team strives to create a distraction free and worshipful environment through the use of audio, visual and stage lighting production elements. This volunteer driven ministry is always looking for new team members. Whether you’re a seasoned A/V operator or you’re just confident clicking a mouse we would love to have you join the team! Email Steph with questions.

Arts Team

This team expresses their gifts and talents in many ways. From photography, dance, theater, music, and art, to poetry and spoken word. They bless our church family through their worship and artful expression of their relationships with Jesus. Email Steph with questions.

Design & Build Team

This is the team that updates the look for each new series. They bring worship through creativity- translating artistic vision to the sanctuary and patio areas. If you’re an artist in any form, this team is for you! We also need woodworkers, skilled and amateur! Email Steph with questions.

Baking Team

This team holds our value of warmth and hospitality. We display this in tangible ways – by hosting Welcome Coffee + Lunch, praying for new-comers, and providing treats for special events. Email Joanna to learn more!

Parking Team

Be one of the first to greet our family and guests with a smiling face as they come to services on the weekend. Help them find parking spaces and get into celebration services safely. You arrive 30 minutes before service starts and stay 10 minutes after service has started to greet everyone and organize the lot. Email Joanna to learn more!

Coffee Ministry

This team is in charge of our Coffee Table on the patio. They purchase supplies, set up the table, make coffee and warmly greet our church family. Email Joanna to learn more!

Find Out More

Feel free to email Joanna with any additional questions about our serve teams at RHMV.