Worship – RH Mission Viejo


Each weekend, there is a lot of music in our celebration services. It’s how we usually begin our time together, to focus our minds and hearts on Who we have gathered to celebrate. More than mere music, songs of worship are prayers of thanks, awe, need, and devotion that prepare our hearts to be changed.


Our vision is to bless God as we: inspire love and worship of God, invite the Spirit’s work in us, and invest in building up the Church and her worship leaders. We value that our times of worship at RHMV are expectant, responsive, sacrificial, excellent, humble, and Biblical.


Worship shouldn’t be saved for only Sundays. We want to encourage worship throughout your week! Occasionally, we’ll share a Song of the Week, to support your walk and maybe help you find your new favorite song or artist. You can find the song of the week Here. Listen, worship, and enjoy!


We are committed to writing songs that mark God’s unique movement in the RH community and publishing them to help bring our worship beyond Sundays. Click here for our worship CD catalog. You can find us on Spotify by searching for “rhmissionviejo” or just click HERE to stream some of RH’s worship albums!


To find out more about the Worship Ministry, auditions, or songs, email Jenn Westre.