Production – RH Mission Viejo


Each weekend, the RHMV family gathers to worship God. As we celebrate through music, creative arts, opening God’s Word, and more, the Production team is charged with creating a distraction-free environment that allows people to learn from God’s Word and encounter Him through the Holy Spirit.

The Production team is a major part of the look, feel, and sound of RHMV. They ensure that everything is seen and heard by everyone in the room. They help facilitate a worshiping and learning environment in the following ways:


From atmosphere and drama to creating an environment that fosters reverence during worship, lighting enhances RHMV’s celebration services and events through the creative and practical medium of lights.


Lyrics is a behind-the-scenes extension of the worship team. This group prepares song lyrics for each service/event at which they are needed, and follows the worship team’s lead to enable every person to participate in worship.


The Sound Team strives to provide RHMV’s celebration services and events with excellence in sound. The goal is to deliver and record music and messages clearly and accurately, without distracting people.

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To get involved with Production, or to find out more information about production at RHMV, email Stephanie Berry for more info.