Our Neighborhoods – RH Mission Viejo

Our Neighborhoods



Invite your neighbors to one of our summer events!


Host a Memorial Day get together! No better way to meet new neighbors or connect neighbors together than hosting a BBQ. It doesn’t have to be a huge event, but start with something small any step is a great step!


Invite a Neighbor into your home. Host a dinner or kids play date. There is no better way to show Jesus’ Love than by pouring out the gift of hospitality! This also lets them into your life and lets them see you can be vulnerable and willing to open up.


Easter is coming up! This month, invite the neighbors you’ve been getting to know to our Easter and the tailgate between services. Easter is April 16th, and we will be holding services at 8:30 and 11:00am.


Be intentional this month to meet a need in your neighborhood. This could be as simple as taking a neighbors trash in for them or offering to help re-paint a neighbors fence. The best ways to meet needs comes out of intentional relationship with someone. So focus on that one or two neighbors that you have started to develop a relationship with. You could always ask neighbors if they have any needs that need to be met. Remember our Hands and Feet team could partner with you to meet that need!


Now that you have met some of your neighbors, choose one to invite over for dinner or plan a hang out at a local park or somewhere close to your neighborhood!


Take a prayer walk around the neighborhood and pray about who you are going to invite to Christmas Eve. Then invite a neighbor to Christmas Eve.


Choose 1 or 2 times each week when you can spend 20 or more minutes outside. This could mean playing with your kids, taking your dog on a walk, or even reading on the porch. We want you to be intentional about spending time in your neighborhood! We love hearing how you love your neighbors. Email Kendall to share your stories.


Pick two neighbors in your neighborhood that you don’t know and intentionally go meet them.

Tip: Write down their names so you don’t have to ask again. As you talk to them add info to where you wrote down their names so you can continue to ask them about the things they tell you.