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Orphan Care

There is an orphan crisis in the world.

There are 163 MILLION modern-day orphans in the world.  Three thousand of them are in Orange County. There are so many more people in this world who love Jesus.  In fact, if just seven percent of the world’s Christians cared for an orphan, there would be no more orphans. That means ninety-three percent of Christ’s body are available to surround and support the seven, making this the most solvable crisis on our planet.

Their needs are diverse, and so are we.  From foster care to adoption, camps to cooking classes, mentoring, budget coaching and global orphan care initiatives. ROCKHARBOR’s Orphan Care Ministry is dedicated to caring for orphans as a celebratory response to our own adoption and redemption as children of God.  The world’s orphan crisis is too big for any one person to respond to, but together, this is solvable.

Whether you are young or old or married or single or anywhere in between; there is a place for you in God’s call to care for the orphan. We can all find a part to play.


Royal Family Kids Camp (Summer) & Mentoring (Year-Round)

Royal Family Kids’ mission is to take foster kids, aged 6 – 11, through a one week camp to model the love of Jesus Christ and teach them that there is a God that loves them and has a positive plan and purpose for their life despite their current circumstances. We provide a week of life-changing experiences for abused, abandoned, and neglected foster youth. Come experience the difference a week can make in the life of a child! For more information contact rfk@rockharbor.org.

2018 Camp Dates: July 29-August 3

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We exist to help fill the gap in care for foster teens. Our desire is to build lasting life-long relationships, community, partnership, and believe in the fact that every youth regardless of age deserves a forever home. Through stable adult role models, we provide mentors, resources, networking, encouragement and prayer for teens in and around the foster care system as they prepare for and move towards emancipation.

ROCKHARBOR Teen Ministry hosts an annual 3-day summer camp for at-risk youth in the foster care system ages 12 to 18. The weekend brings a positive, caring and safe environment in which the teens can begin to develop their true potential and hear the message of Jesus Christ.

2018 Camp Dates: July 13-15

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Throughout the year we have monthly youth group gatherings, one-on-one mentoring, and group home visits. If you would like any more information on these programs, please email fosterteens@rockharbor.org

Safe Families

Individuals and families at RHMV are invited to become short or long-term host families for at-risk children through the Safe Families for Children Program run through Olive Crest. Host families offer a safe, temporary place for children while their struggling parents cope with issues like illness, unemployment, addiction, domestic abuse, or incarceration. The ultimate goal is to protect the family, prevent child abuse, keep children out of the foster care system, and, ultimately, reunite children with their biological parents so we prevent more Orphans from existing.

According to an article on the Safe Families for Children website, last year, 95% of children in Safe Families homes returned safely to their own family or to a relative, compared with only 15% that entered the foster care system. By offering a support system for overwhelmed and resource-limited parents, we can come alongside these families and act as the “extended family” they so desperately need.


  • Become a Host Family that takes a child or children in for a short amount of time.
  • Become a Coach who walks alongside/cares for the Host Family as they care for the child.
  • Join the Resource Team to support the host family: meals, errands, tutoring, babysitting, mentoring the SF child, and providing resources like clothes, groceries or supplies for the children.

We will also have a Fall and Spring all Safe Families Team event where we will team up with the Safe Families staff to do a serve project in the community.

Child Friendly: Besides the coaching role your children can play a role in a hosting whether you host or not. They can help make the meal for the family, help you babysit the SF child or play an even more active role if you choose to Host a SF child.

To learn more about our Safe Families partnership, contact Kendall Rodriguez.

Foster Care-Adoption Support

For those of you that have already fostered or adopted or have been praying about stepping into that process we are starting a support group where you can connect with other families from RHMV who have already been down that road. We believe life should be done in community and receiving care during this season is top of the list! Please contact Kendall for more information on this.



Not everyone is at a place that they can take a child into their home, but so many foster children are longing for a role model or someone who consistently will speak into their life. We have opportunities for you to be a mentor to a child. One of the opportunities is the foster teen ministry at our Costa Mesa campus. They meet the third Saturday of every month.

Please contact Kendall for more information on this.


Below are some ways to be praying for foster youth in and beyond Orange County:

  • Through Safe Families for Children, children have a safe place to live while their parents deal with challenging circumstances. Pray for children, their parents, and host families.
  • When children are placed in foster care, their parents work on a case plan to reunify with their children. Pray for parents as they make decisions that will affect their children’s future.
  • Pray for God’s presence and provision for children and youth in foster care. They often experience fear, grief, and loss as they face an unknown future.
  • Pray for orphans in Orange County, across our country, and around the world. Ask God to raise up adoptive families for children who cannot be raised by their biological families.
  • Many youth age out of the foster care system every year without a family. Pray for stability and protection for these youth.

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For more details please email Kendall Rodriguez.