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Kingdom Training

Courses that equip the church to advance God’s work on earth

Kingdom Training is a series of courses designed to equip us to live everything Jesus said and taught.

The courses are designed to help us be more effective, confident, informed and passionate as we love God and others wherever he has placed us.  From training in prayer, parenting and theology, to practical discussions around the cultural issues of the day, our hope is that we are challenged to consider how our faith informs every aspect of our lives and how we are meant to impact God’s Kingdom.  The courses range in length from one week to several weeks, and you can attend one course or many.

Kingdom Training is built to broaden our perspective for who God is and what His Kingdom is doing and we expect it to spark creativity and encourage life change in and around us.

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Fall 2017 Course Descriptions

Discipleship – Study of God
October 15-November 5 (no class October 22)
Kate Johnson, Tommy Rodriguez, Brian Hill
In our Study of God course, will spend three weeks studying, discussing, and learning more about the object of our ultimate affection, God.  We will talk through what we believe about God as Father, God as Son, and God as Holy Spirit.  Obviously, this will not be an exhaustive study, but it will be an opportunity to discover or re-discover who our God is and why we should devote our entire lives to him.

The Burn
October 15 & November 12
Brian Hill, various other teachers
In culture’s current climate, it feels deeply important that we are able to contextualize our faith into “real world” scenarios.  The Burn is an opportunity to talk about the “hot” issues in our world.  We will look at current events and discuss what a proper response as a Christ-follower looks like.  Using Jesus as our model, we will navigate all the voices (media, friends, family, colleagues, etc.) competing for our attention, with the goal being to live out Jesus’ call to love God and love people.

MV 101
October 22-November 19 (The first class will at 10 Tether Moon, Ladera Ranch. All others will be at Los Alisos. There will be no class on November 5.)
Joanna Farnham, Chad Halliburton, Brian Hill, Sharon Genton
Are you new or do you feel new to ROCKHARBOR Mission Viejo? Come hear what it’s like to be family here at RHMV! Learn about who we are as a church, what we believe, how Jesus is at work at RHMV, and ways to get involved. This is a great opportunity to find out more about our community and to meet others involved here. We will spend time discussing three key focus areas of RHMV: Discipleship, Love Others, and Involvement. We cannot wait to get to know you as you step into the RHMV family!

Orphan Care: Info & Next Steps
November 19
Wendy McMahan
Are you interested in learning more about Orphan Care in Orange County and beyond? Do you have questions about fostering or adopting children or how to play a role even if you don’t adopt? Come learn ways to love the least of these. We will explore what Orphan Care looks like specifically at ROCKHARBOR Mission Viejo as well as outside of the church. No matter what stage of exploration you are in, this will be a helpful and enriching class for you!

Spiritual Parenting
November 26-December 17
Renae Craig, various other teachers
An awakening for today’s families. Spiritual parenting is not perfect parenting – it’s parenting from a spiritual perspective. This teaching-interactive course will allow parents to be inspired, equipped, and supported with the tools they need to embark on the quest of raising their children to live out a compelling faith in a way that maximizes spiritual growth. During this course, we will focus on ten environments parents can create in their home to partner with the Holy Spirit in raising spiritually healthy children.

Prayer Training
November 26-December 17
Steph Byerly, Tommy Rodriguez, Jason Finley
Simply put, prayer training is a 4-week course built to equip people to pray.  Every week has a teaching section (theology) and a practice section (actual praying).  We learn how to participate in what God is already doing in other’s lives.  We discuss and practice how to hear God’s voice and discern what he’s saying and asking us to do.  We pray for each other while learning about intercession. We deepen our love for prayer as well as our courage to be bold in praying for others.

Email Brian Hill if you have any questions about the Kingdom Training courses.

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