Involvement – RH Mission Viejo


Every person matters every step of the way.

We really believe that. And we try our best to serve our church from the moment people drive up to our campus to find a parking spot. It is a tall order to help everyone feel welcomed and part of our church family. But we feel it is a worthy one…and ask for anyone with this heart or with a hospitable charm to get involved with this ministry.

The following teams provide a variety of opportunities to serve our church:

Patio | Welcome Teams

Be the first face people meet when newcomers attend RHMV’s Weekend Celebration Services. Greeters help by welcoming, informing, and greeting each person with a warm hello, handshake, and smile. These teams help people feel welcomed and informed at RHMV.  They are responsible for running all of our patio tables during our weekend services and helping people understand everything going on at RHMV and how they can be a part of it.

Please contact Crissy Willis for more info.

Set Up | Tear Down Teams

This is an integral part of our campus weekend services. It takes crews of dedicated people who are willing to set up and tear down each weekend for our services.

Please contact Josh Heinly for more info.

Parking Team

Be one of the first to greet our family and guests with a smiling face as they come to services on the weekend. Help them find parking spaces and get into celebration services safely.

Please contact Crissy Willis for more info.

Usher Team

The usher team is an energetic group who serves people during RHMV’s Weekend Celebration Services. They help people find people seats, facilitate worship through corporate giving, and welcome people to church each morning.

Please contact Crissy Willis for more info.

Design & Build Team

This is the team that updates the look for each new series and special event. If you’re an artist or designer, this team is for you!

Please contact Stephanie Berry for more info.

Find Out More

Please contact Crissy Willis for more info on any of our Involvement teams at RHMV.