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Creative Arts

At RHMV, the creative arts are a vital part of expressing who God is and telling the story of His work in our lives, in our church and in our world. Through a variety of performances, galleries, and workshops, we are always seeking to engage and develop artists of all kinds, finding new ways to inspire our church and our community by utilizing creativity to point out the wonder of God.

Our artists come from all forms of creative expression, including: dance, theater, visual arts, interior design, fashion, writing, crafting, construction, filmmaking, and on and on and on. And while we look for and develop opportunities for artists to create with the talents God has given them, we also encourage every person to see themselves as part of a larger creative community because we believe that we are intended to use our gifts in tandem with others and in collaboration with the Spirit of God to accomplish things that are impossible in isolation.

These creative communities exist to foster collaboration between artists from all disciplines on projects both within the walls of our church and in our neighborhoods and communities. Many of our campuses have creative communities or are looking to develop them in the future, and we’d love for you to play a part.

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To find out more about the arts ministry or how to get involved, email Arts.